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Dear Friends,
Today, our campaign released a new web video, "A Better Future". We must start putting people back to work to turn this economy around and make New Hampshire, and the nation, more prosperous again.  The policies supported by my opponent and her party have been tried, and failed. We as Americans deserve better than the last four years of stalled and stagnant economy. We can do better, and New Hampshire deserves better.
Please take a moment to view our video. If you agree that we must get our country back on track to a better future, click here to join our campaign.
A Better Future
A Better Future
43 Months and Counting...

The day after President Obama and the Democrats ended their convention, the American people awoke to a jobs report that delivered nothing but disappointment and further evidence that the policies supported by Annie Kuster and President Obama are just not working. We have now had 43 straight months of unemployment above 8%. Despite this, all we keep hearing from Annie Kuster and her party leaders in Washington is that we must stay on the same path, we need to try more of the same failed policies. They refuse to acknowledge that their ideas are just not working. Here is what policies supported by Annie Kuster have produced for New Hampshire and our country.
  • The worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.
  • Job creation that fails to meet expectations.
  • Unemployment stuck above 8% for 43 straight months.
  • Over 23 million Americans still struggling to find work.
  • More than 360,000 Americans have dropped out of the labor force. For every job added, roughly four people stopped looking for work.
Annie Kuster's hyper-partisanship and support of more government-controlled healthcare, more failed stimulus packages, more spending and more taxes on families and small businesses will not change any of this. Charlie Bass is committed to finding real solutions to our nation's problems and working in a bipartisan way to get our economy back on track, reduce the burden on small businesses and ensure an environment in which our job creators can get back to creating jobs!
From the Papers...

This past weekend, Charlie joined in "Hands Across New Hampshire", a family friendly protest in opposition to Northern Pass. The Union Leader covered the event and here's a bit of what they had to say...


"The group also recognized landowners who have not sold land top the project. Congressman Charlie Bass thanked those landowners for their financial sacrifice. Bass then told the protesters, 'I'm embarrassed we even have to meet like this.'


'We are not going to move on this until you, the people, say what and when you want it,' he promised."


Click here to read the rest of the Union Leader's article.


Volunteer of the Week...
Meet Alli! Alli is a recent graduate of New England College, where she earned her certification to teach middle school social studies. Alli has joined us for almost every phone bank and parade! She has been a phenomenal help to us and we thank her for everything she has done and will do over the next 60 days. We are proud to name Alli as our Volunteer of the Week!