HotAir Daily Express 01/14/2013

Did “gun map” lead to burglary?
1/14/2013 10:01:05 AM  Ed Morrissey
The timing is certainly suspicious, to say the least. Just days after a local newspaper published an interactive map showing the location of people who have handgun permits in two New York counties, burglars broke into one of the houses revealed by the

Video: Paul Krugman versus Jon Stewart on the trillion-dollar platinum coin
1/14/2013 9:31:45 AM  Allahpundit
Skip to 3:00 for an instant classic of the last-days-of-the-republic genre, as a Nobel prize winner scolds a comedian for not taking the idea of a magical coin seriously enough. I joked last week after Colbert’s bit on the coin that if Stewart

Video: Blumenthal won’t commit to voting for Hagel
1/14/2013 9:01:42 AM  Ed Morrissey
Another Democrat refused to offer a vote of confidence in Defense nominee Chuck Hagel yesterday.  Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that he wants to “reserve judgment” on Hagel, and expressed

Gallup: Dissatisfaction with gun laws jumps to 12-year high
1/14/2013 8:31:38 AM  Ed Morrissey
Has the Newtown shooting and the media blitz for gun control started to move the needle politically? Gallup’s latest survey shows the highest percentage of dissatisfaction in a dozen years with current gun laws by those who want them toughened, but

Video: Did Powell not stand up for Hagel?
1/14/2013 8:01:07 AM  Ed Morrissey
It’s not unusual to see a conservative publication and the mainstream media look at the same event and come away with different conclusions.  After Colin Powell went on Meet the Press yesterday, the Washington Post headline read, “Colin

Quotes of the day
1/13/2013 8:01:18 PM  Allahpundit
Conservative ideas work. Numerous states are demonstrating that low taxes, right-to-work laws, school choice, energy development and other common-sense policies improve the lives of everyone. Conversely, progressive central planning has failed throughout

McChrystal: Time to think about bringing back the draft?
1/13/2013 6:31:45 PM  Jazz Shaw
General Stanley McChrystal is still making the rounds plugging his new book, as well as talking about any old issue of the day the media cares to toss his way. He sat down on Face the Nation this morning and hit a few of the standard questions on

Corker: Say, that Hagel’s got quite a temper, eh?
1/13/2013 5:01:51 PM  Jazz Shaw
We’ve spent plenty of time covering the litany of complaints being raised against Chuck Hagel’s nomination for SecDef based on various policy positions he’s taken or past comments he’s made. But now a different and less discussed

Obama about ready to push forward with a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
1/13/2013 3:31:31 PM  Erika Johnsen
As Ed pointed out yesterday, Sen. Rubio is hatching a plan to ‘charge up the middle’ on illegal immigration — and it might not be a moment too soon. The White House has already indicated that they are planning to go full-throttle on

Not all Russians wild about that adoption ban
1/13/2013 2:01:59 PM  Jazz Shaw
Ever since Russia voted to ban the adoption of babies to parents in the United States, the entire subjected has become a foreign relations quagmire. Relations between our two nations have continued to sour, and this has become something of a political

The Republican war on Republicans
1/13/2013 12:31:40 PM  Jazz Shaw
The endless navel gazing following significant GOP losses in the last election is far from over, and not all of it is pointless. We have people talking about significant policy changes in the platform to make the Republican brand more salable in national

NFL Divisional Playoff Sunday open thread
1/13/2013 11:01:21 AM  Ed Morrissey
Yesterday’s games brought a couple of big surprises, and one of the best playoff games in NFL history.  Baltimore fought and clawed its way to a double-OT win in Denver over the Broncos, but not without some questionable decisions by Denver head