CEI Today: Obama gun control vs. the Constitution, ethanol litigation, and green advice on reusable bottles


Openmarket.org: Obama Promotes Constitutional Fallacies In Gun Control Push


The president’s remarks about gun control yesterday promoted fallacies about the Constitution and the scope of federal regulatory power under it. Under the Constitution, the federal government — unlike state governments — has only certain enumerated powers, like the powers to regulate commerce among the states or with Indian Tribes or foreign nations. It cannot regulate everything under the sun, even if doing so seems like a good idea, or it promotes public safety.

The president plainly does not agree with, or understand, these principles, arguing that the federal government can regulate private activity. 
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Ethanol Litigation: Another Powerful Dissent by Judge Kavanaugh


On Tuesday, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals denied by 7-1 a petition for a full-court re-hearing of its 2-1 decision last summer to dismiss litigation challenging EPA’s approval of the sale of E15 at retail motor fuel pumps. E15 is a blend of 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol.

In both decisions, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the sole dissenter, and both times he trounces the majority on the facts and statutory logic.

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Openmarket.org: Problematic Green Advice On Reusable Bottles

Green activists pushed hard to get reusable metal bottles to replace disposable bottled water and plastic containers made with BPA.  But, as CEI's Angela Logomasini explains, that created some unintended consequences:

A real and verifiable health problem has resulted from these reusable metal bottles: children have trapped their tongues in them because of a vacuum effect related to the rigid container. A recent New York Daily News
article reports on one case of a young girl who suffered these effects. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org


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