CEI Weekly: EPA Response to CEI Suit "Deeply Troubling"

January 18, 2013


Feature: Chris Horner is interviewed by Megyn Kelly on the EPA email scandal.

FEATURE: EPA Response to CEI Suit "Deeply Troubling"


On Monday, the EPA released 2,100 emails in response to CEI's lawsuit over a May 8 FOIA for Lisa Jackson's "secondary" email account. Chris Horner explained to Megyn Kelly on Fox News why the EPA's response was "troubling" and why it compounded the unlawful activity CEI has exposed. Watch the interiew here. Also, see CEI's press release on the EPA emails here.




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January 17, 2013: Ending Class Action Abuse


Lawyers are clever creatures, but they rarely use their powers for good. CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman is an exception to the rule. He is involved in a lawsuit, Kazman v. Frontier Oil, that could set a needed precedent for reining in outrageous attorney fees in groundless class action suits.