House Republican Leaders, Industry Leaders Comment on Beer Tax Bill

CONCORD – Today House Republican Leaders and beer industry leaders offered the following comments on House Bill 168, the bill increasing the beer tax by 33%, and its impending fate following Gov. Hassan’s remarks that she would veto the legislation if it reached her desk:

House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)

“This is exactly the type of burden we should not put on an established and growing business sector in New Hampshire. We should be creating an environment to help these businesses expand and not curtailing their growth with burdensome tax increases. While we’re happy to see that the Governor recognizes that this bill is bad for business and intends to veto it, we will ensure it gets no traction in the House and hopefully kill the bill before it ever reaches her desk.”

Republican Policy Leader Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford)

“I am pleased that the Governor has committed to vetoing an increase in the beer tax, and hope she will continue to oppose any other tax or fee increases on the businesses and citizens of our state.  With our economy so fragile and people taking home less in their paychecks, now is certainly not the time for state government to be taking more of their hard earned income. “

Dave Currier, Managing Member – Henniker Brewing Company

"We at Henniker Brewing Company have been navigating our way through countless State and Federal regulations during the process of becoming a licensed brewery here in New Hampshire. Now that we have fulfilled all of these requirements it seems that some legislators in Concord believe that our industry should be unfairly pinpointed as needing even more taxes and regulations. Legislation like this works to disincentivize new businesses like ourselves and would help push away the growing microbrewery industry in this state. This bill is bad for business, bad for consumers and bad for beer."

Scott Schaier Beer, Executive Director - Beer Distributors of New Hampshire

“We're very pleased that Governor Hassan has taken a public position against this proposed tax.  It is clear how significantly this tax might negatively affect jobs and the local economy and we value the continued commitment by our elected officials to protecting the NH advantage and the positive impact that it generates for local business owners and the State.”