Josiah Bartlett Center - The Beer Tax, NH Unemployment, and Why Gov. Hassan Needs to Start Cutting Now


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Every two years in New Hampshire we have a budget crisis. Some crises are worse than others but no budget seems to be easy. This year, a new governor has been welcomes to office with problems that demand she take action long before the official budget is even adopted. She has no choice but to take immediate executive action to cut the existing budget just winding down and then put on hold any new or increased spending for another two years... Click here to keep reading.

Updated Data on NHOpenGov

Now nearly 3.5 Million State Transactions

Ever wonder how and where New Hampshire spends your tax dollars? Look no further than, an open government project of the Center. We now have more than 3.5 Million transactions detailing how every last dollar was spent from the past 4 1/2 years. Help us find government waste! Click here to start looking.

Bill Would Make NH Beer Tax Nearly 4x the Mass Rate

Governor Vows to Veto

HB 168, introduced by Reps Charles Weed and Richard Eaton, would increase the beer tax by $0.10 per gallon, putting the tax at $0.40 per gallon. This would make New Hampshire’s Beer Tax the 13th highest in the country, (up from 19th) and the highest in the North East. Massachusetts, in comparison, has a rate of only $0.11 per gallon... Click here to keep reading.

A Look at NH's December Unemployment Report

Slight Increase in Unemployment to 5.7%

According to New Hampshire Employment Security, December's unemployment rate for the state was 5.7%, a .1 percentage point increase over last month. This upturn translates to 430 additional unemployed workers. There were 7368 initial claimants over the month with 45,784 continued claimants.

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