ALG's Daily Grind - Landing on the fiscal rocks below

Jan. 2, 2013

Landing on the fiscal rocks below

Raising income, capital gains and dividends taxes on those making more than $400,000, and couples making more than $450,000, will only raise $30 billion in new revenue in 2013-with 88 cents of every new tax dollar being spent on paying interest on the new $1.2 trillion in debt that the government is expecting this year.

Cartoon: Big Daddy

Fatherless households skyrocket across America.

Video: ALG Wants To Say A Special Goodbye To Outgoing EPA Head Lisa Jackson

Check out our special tribute to someone who worked to damage the American economy during a recession. Yes, we are saying goodbye to Lisa Jackson!

It's the Debt, stupid!

With the Christmas season retail sales figures dropping to their lowest growth level since the financial crisis hit in 2008, consumers have given two big thumbs down on how they feel about the economy and their personal economic future.