Maggie Hassan's Inauguration Day Schedule

The Office of Governor-Elect Maggie Hassan

CONCORD – TOMORROW, Maggie Hassan will hold a series of Inaugural Events as she is sworn in as New Hampshire’s 81st Governor.

Hassan will begin the day by hosting a breakfast for state employees at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord.  

The official Inaugural Ceremony will begin at noon in the House of Representatives Chamber of the State House [please see attached program for additional details].

Immediately following the ceremony, Hassan will greet attendees at a receiving and photo line in the Executive Council Chambers.

Later in the afternoon, Hassan will hold a State House Open House for the public, featuring food, music and exhibits from across the state.

Hassan’s Inauguration Day schedule is as follows:

7:30 a.m.:        State Employees Association Breakfast, McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, 2 Institute Drive, Concord

Noon:               Inaugural Ceremony, State House, Concord [Please see attached program]

1:30 p.m.:        Receiving Line, Executive Council Chambers, State House, Concord

4:30 p.m.:        State House Open House, State House, Concord