Political Headlines - January 22, 2013

  • President Obama urges unity for common good: The president used his second inaugural address to call for bipartisan cooperation on issues ranging from economic disparity to gay rights to climate change. Globe Washington bureau reporters Bryan Bender and Matt Viser cover.


  • In the throng, mix of hope, worry about divide: Without the cooperation of Congress, many of the president's supporters said they fear that Obama's goals for his second term will never come to pass. Globe politics reporter Tracy Jan and correspondent David Uberti report.




  • Patrick transportation plan comes with a price: The MBTA would run until 2 a.m. on weekends if Governor Patrick wins approval for his proposal, which calls for $1 billion more in taxes and fees. Globe transportation reporter Eric Moskowitz details.


  • Outsourcing peace: Private companies and unarmed citizens can help the UN in keeping the peace in the world's hot spots. Globe columnist Farah Stockman writes.