Concord, NH- The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today released its official program for the NHGOP Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, January 26th at Bedford High School.

State Committee members interested in running for a position were asked to submit their names for candidacy by January 11, 2013. Included below are the announced candidates for positions that will have an election.

Chairman- Andrew Hemingway, Jennifer Horn, Andy Martin
Vice Chairman- Frank Emiro, J.P. Marzullo
Secretary- Diane Bitter
Asst. Secretary- Jeff Newman, Fran Wendelboe
Treasurer- Robert Scott
Asst. Treasurer- Eileen Smiglowski
Area I Vice Chairman- Vicki Schwaegler 
Area II Vice Chairman- Jim Coburn
Area III Vice Chairman- Mark Vincent
Area IV Vice Chairman- Thomas Howard, Rob Kasper
Area V Vice Chairman- Alan Glassman

The Norris Cotton Awards and the Gov. Mel Thomson Award will be announced and presented during the meeting. The Norris Cotton Award is given to an individual who demonstrates outstanding service to the Party. There will be one winner from each county/city committee, and one state-wide winner is chosen from the group of recipients. The Governor Mel Thomson "Principle Above Politics" Award is selected and presented by the Thomson family in consultation with the NHGOP Chairman.  

Registration for the meeting begins at 9:00am. The meeting will be called to order at 10:00am. All State Committee Members planning to attend must be credentialed by 11:00am. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

-Remarks from Congressional Delegation
-Remarks from State Elected Officials

-Report from New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women
-Report from Young Republicans
-Report from College Republicans
-Report from RNC

-Governor Mel Thomson "Principle Above Politics" Award Presentation
-Norris Cotton Awards Presentation

-Credentials Report
-Rules Committee Report

-Secretary's Report
-Treasurer's Report
-Finance Committee's Report
-Chairman's Report

-Bylaw Amendment and Discussion
-Election of Officers