Statements by Senators Odell and Morse on Gov. Hassan's Revenue Estimating Panel

The New Hampshire Senate

Majority Office

Concord, NH – Senate Ways and Means Chairman Bob Odell, R-Lempster, and Finance Chairman Chuck Morse, R-Salem, released the following statements today following Gov. Hassan’s executive order establishing a revenue estimating panel:

Senator Odell stated:

“When developing our revenue estimates, the Senate Ways and Means Committee takes testimony from numerous department heads, economists, and business leaders.  This open and information driven process has led the committee to adopt numbers for the current budget that are off by less than two percent.  In the months ahead, the committee looks forward to considering the recommendations of Gov. Hassan’s revenue panel as another part of our process as we work to develop balanced estimates consistent with a cautious economic outlook.”

Senator Morse stated:

“When building the current budget, the Senate Finance Committee relied heavily on the work done by Sen. Odell and the Ways and Means Committee.  The slight surplus in the first year of the budget and the near perfect estimates to-date in the second year are due in significant part to their good work.  The governor is right in noting the need for a ‘systematic and consistent method of forecasting state revenues.’  Thankfully, the Senate has experienced, pragmatic and thoughtful leaders like Bob Odell guiding our work in this area.  I plan to rely on the estimates developed by his committee.”