Franklin Center - This is about our kids

Dear Supporter,

For far too long politicians and much of the media have ignored our failing school system and the need for education reform. The start of a new year and new legislative terms throughout the county gives us the opportunity to thoroughly examine how we invest in education and pursue the methods that benefit our children best.

National School Choice Week, January 27 to February 2, provides the opportunity to discuss options and revolutionize how we approach education.

This designated week is a national effort to start a meaningful conversation on education reform. There will be hundreds of events across the country to engage and help educate citizens on the multitude of school choice options available.

Please join me in shining a light on this important debate.

Go to to find an event near you. And whether you get involved by attending an event, writing a letter to the editor of your local paper, tweeting with the hashtag #scw, or sharing a story on - please take a moment to reply to this email and let me know how you got involved!

This year’s most anticipated string of events is NSCW's Whistle Stop Train Tour from Los Angeles to New York. The old-fashioned train tour will stop in 14 cities and towns around the country.

K-12 education is the top spending item in nearly every state budget and per-pupil spending has increased more than 65 percent over the past 25 years.

Every child deserves an opportunity for an education that is tailored to their specific learning needs and allows them the chance to excel, and parents should be given the option to choose what educational program fits their child best. 


Jason Stverak
The Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity