YRNF - Congratulations to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Lisa Stickan, the Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation made the following statement regarding Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus:

I would like to congratulate Reince Priebus on being re-elected as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Two years ago, he was elected in a very difficult time for the RNC, and through his leadership, the RNC overcame these challenges and rebuilt its organization.

Chairman Priebus's comments about the future of the party and his plan to Renew, to Grow, and to Win, are encouraging.  We look forward to working with Chairman Priebus and the RNC on the comprehensive review. The Young Republican National Federation reaches out to a demographic with which our party has struggled in recent elections. Some of the YRNF's greatest successes come in "blue" states or "blue" parts of red and purple states where young professionals are most dense.  And many of our most effective leaders come from communities that are sometimes less represented in the senior leadership of our party. We believe that our organization and our leaders offer lessons for the renewal of our party.

In addition, the YRNF recognizes that while elections are often the most exciting moments of the political calendar, the time in between is where we build our organizations to have maximal impact on election day, and every day in between. Now is the time for all of us to reach out in our communities, share our principles and values, and grow our party.

We look forward to working with Chairman Priebus, the RNC, state parties and party committees from around the country to ensure that our party represents the best of country and wins for the United States of America.