Concord - January 31st 2nd Amendment Rally "Line in the Granite"

Hi Folks,

I find this video astounding.  It is simply ironic that a "legal Immigrant" of Asian decent has a better grasp of our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment Rights than many American Citizens who have lived in this Country all their lives.  What is even more profound is that his commentary was given in the recent Connecticut hearing on gun violence.  You will like what you hear.

I would also like to remind you that our "Line in the Granite" 2nd Amendment Rally will be this Thursday, January 31st from noon to 2:00 PM in front of the Statehouse in Concord, NH.  I implore you to be there.  This is far too important an issue to let work get in the way.  So, take the afternoon off and join us.  We need "all hands on deck" for this one.

Hope to see you on Thursday.



Jack Kimball