AFPNH - Learn How the Liberals Plan to Raise Your Taxes

We all know New Hampshire is a great place to live and work. The NH Advantage is real to all of us who get to call this state home. Unfortunately, just as real is the threat to our advantage by liberals in Concord who want to increase state spending.  Because the state cannot live beyond its means and must balance its budget, the liberals must turn to revenue increases, a fancy phrase for raising taxes, to pay for their reckless spending. So far this session, the liberals have proposed raising taxes on beer, cigarettes and gasoline. Thanks to your efforts the beer tax increase has been voted down in Committee and is very unlikely to pass. Keep up the great work! You can read more about the Committee vote HERE.


Amid the clamor for increased revenue, a bill introduced by Rep. Weyler (Rockingham-13) stands out. Rep. Weyler’s bill, HB 335, would repeal the sunset clause in last year’s cigarette tax reduction, thereby ensuring that cigarette taxes remain at their current rate.


Beyond tax increases, the liberals are also targeting tax credits of any kind. Under assault this week will be the education tax credit program passed by the legislature last year despite Governor Lynch’s veto. The program allows businesses to receive a tax credit for donations to fund scholarships that empower parents to make the best possible choice regarding their children’s education. The liberals dislike the program for two reasons – first, it shifts control away from the state and to NH families and second, it reduces the taxes they need to fund their pet programs. The House Ways & Means Committee will hold a public hearing on the move to repeal the program tomorrow at 12:30PM in Representatives Hall. Ironically, this hearing comes in the middle of National School Choice Week. Repealing this program will be a step backward for NH families trying to ensure their children receive the best education possible.


Another piece of legislation sure to enrage the liberal spenders in Concord receiving a hearing this week is a bill aimed at reducing and eventually repealing the state’s Business Enterprise Tax (BET).  NH currently has the third highest business taxes in the nation.  This bill, supported by Representatives Rideout (Coos-7), Richardson (Coos-4), Tucker (Rockingham-23), and Baldasaro (Rockingham- 5), is good news for all of us striving to make our business climate more competitive. Of course the idea is bad news for liberal spenders who are reliant upon the taxes from NH businesses to increase the size of state government. We support the BET tax reduction bill.


Finally, we support this year’s Right to Work bill.  This legislation presents NH with an opportunity to become the first Right to Work state in New England and give workers in the state the choice as to whether or not to join a labor union. States that adopt Right to Work see increases in employment numbers and attract new employers to their state. CLICK HERE to read more about why we support this important piece of legislation.




Corey R. Lewandowski

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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