CEI Weekly: Chris Horner Discusses "Richard Windsor" on CNBC

January 4, 2013



Feature: CEI Senior Fellow Christopher Horner updates CNBC on the unfolding EPA email scandal.

FEATURE: Chris Horner Discusses "Richard Windsor" on CNBC


In the wake of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's resignation, many are asking questions about why she employed an alias "Richard Windsor" email account. CEI Senior Fellow Christopher Horner went on CNBC this week to explain how he first discovered the existence of the secret alias account and why he believes Jackson resigned last week. Watch the interview here





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January 3, 2013: Fiscal Cliff Meets the Costberg


Congress made an unsatisfying compromise deal this week to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. But Vice President for policy Wayne Crews thinks this is just the tip of the costberg, and Congress should tackle a more fundamental issue: the $1.8 trillion regulatory state.




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