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YRNF - Congratulations to Speaker Boehner 

Lisa Stickan, the Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation made the following statement regarding Congressman John Boehner election as Speaker of the US House of Representatives for the 113th Congress.

"As a fellow Ohioan, I would like to congratulate Speaker Boehner on his re-election. The Speaker said yesterday that 'it is wrong to pass this debt to our kids and grandkids.' Young Republicans, being buried in this debt, agree with you Mister Speaker.  We call on you and the House Republicans to recognize and fulfill the mandate on which you were elected, which included reducing the debt and shrinking government so that it operates within its means. Our generation should have the opportunity to pursue the happiness that our Constitution promises us, but if we continue down the path that President Obama has been pushing us, our future and our Country's future will be jeopordized."

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