Political Headlines - October 1, 2013

  • Government shut down as lawmakers stay divided: Government services ground to a halt early Tuesday as lawmakers, ensnared in an ideological standoff, failed to prevent a shutdown that nearly all of them said they wanted to avoid - the first one in nearly 17 years. Reporter Noah Bierman and correspondent Mattias Gugel detail from the Washington bureau.
  • Collegiality fading in Boston mayoral race: Public appearances are fewer and exchanges are more intense as the field narrows down to two. Akilah Johnson and Jim O'Sullivan report on the latest in the campaign.
  • Scott Brown says Jeanne Shaheen talk 'shameful':: The former US senator took a swipe Monday at his onetime colleague from New Hampshire, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, calling the Democrat's recent reference to his possibly trying to unseat her "shameful."
  • Democracy and deliberation: Americans like leaders with quick trigger fingers, but the debate about a possible military strike in Syria showed that when we deliberate as a people, we can come up with a better outcome. Columnist Farah Stockman writes.