NHDP - Fact Sheet: GOP Government Shutdown Would Hurt NH

Concord -- While Republicans in New Hampshire and across the country prepare to shut-down the government, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is releasing a fact sheet shining a bright light on the damage their reckless and irresponsible scheme would do to New Hampshire.   
“It's a shame that New Hampshire Republicans want to put Social Security checks for Granite State senior citizens at risk, threaten veterans benefits for our men and women in uniform, and delay many government programs vital to the middle class all in the name of a Tea Party crusade to shut down the government,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “How many Granite Staters must be hurt before New Hampshire Republicans finally denounce this radical right wing crusade to refight the health care battles of the past and devastate our economy? Granite Staters can't afford these types of reckless policies all in the name of the name of the Tea Party.”
Former New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg likened the GOP plan to “playing Russian roulette" and wrote that it was “bad for the American people.” [The Hill, 9/23/2013
GOP’s Government Shutdown Could Impose Financial Hardships on New Hampshire’s Military and Civilian Personnel. Under a government shutdown, nearly 1.4 million active duty military personnel would not be paid for their work until after the shutdown ends. Additionally, according to the Department of Defense, nearly half of the civilian workforce would not be paid during a government shutdown. [Military.com9/20/13DoD; Committee on Appropriations, 4/6/11; AP, 9/28/13]
·         In 2009, New Hampshire Had 675 Active Military Personnel And 1,047 Civilian Personnel. [Census, 9/30/11]
GOP’s Government Shutdown Would Hurt New Hampshire Small Businesses: The Small Business Administration will stop processing new loans, preventing small businesses from accessing the credit they need. During the 1995-96 shutdowns, more than $ 1 million in loans to approximately 5,200 small businesses were delayed. Thus far in 2013, SBA has approved more than 37,000 7(a) and ARC loans, the processing of which could be delayed by a shutdown. [Committee on Appropriations, 4/6/11SBA Weekly Lending Report]
·         According to the SBA, New Hampshire is home to 29,818 small businesses. [SBA]
GOP’s Government Shutdown Would Harm New Hampshire Homeowners: The FHA will not be able to process new loans if the government shuts down. In January, the FHA originated 134,461 mortgages, including nearly 60,000 which were new home purchases. “During the 1996-96 shutdowns, the Federal Housing Administration was unable to insure single family home loans for tens of thousands of applicants. According to officials at the time, the FHA normally processed 2,500 mortgage loans a day.” [AP, 9/28/13; Committee on Appropriations, 4/6/11; FHA Single-Family Outlook, 1/13]
·         Thus far in 2013, FHA endorsed 1,674mortgages in New Hampshire. [HUD]
GOP’s Government Shutdown Could Leave Nearly [Data] New Hampshire Pregnant Women and Young Children Without Nutritional Support. “The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, known as WIC, could shut down. The program provides supplemental food, health care referrals and nutrition education for pregnant women, mothers and their children. As of 2012, WIC served 8.9 million participants.”  [USDA; USDA, Food and Nutritional Services; AP, 9/28/13]
·         In 2012, 16,299 pregnant women, new mothers, and young children received nutrition assistance under WIC in New Hampshire. [USDA]
GOP’s Government Shutdown Would Close National Parks, Hurting New Hampshire’s Economy. During the 1995-96 shutdowns, “Closure of 368 National Park Service sites (loss of 7 million visitors) reportedly occurred, with loss of tourism revenues to local communities; and closure of national museums and monuments (reportedly with an estimated loss of 2 million visitors) occurred.” National parks support over 250,000 jobs. In 2011, the nearly 279 million visitors to national parks spent $13 billion in the local areas around the parks, contributing $9.34 billion in labor income and $16.5 billion in value-added spending. [CRS, 4/23/13; AP, 9/28/13; National Park Service, 2/25/13; Committee on Appropriations, 4/6/11]
·         In 2011, visitors to New Hampshire’s national parks spent $1 million, supporting New Hampshire jobs, and contributing $1 million in labor income. [NPS, 2011]
Government Shutdown Could Force Head Start Centers Serving Children to Close: “A small number of Head Start programs, about 20 out of 1,600 nationally, would feel the impact right away. The federal Administration for Children and Families says grants expiring about Oct. 1 would not be renewed. Over time more programs would be affected.” [AP, 9/28/13]
·         In 2012, over 1,764 Granite Staters were enrolled in Head Start [HHS]
GOP Shutdown Would Put Federal Employees in New Hampshire Out of Work.  Federal employees in New Hampshire could be furloughed and see reductions in their pay. [Census; Washington Post, 9/23/13]
·         According to the most recent estimates, 4,000 New Hampshire residents are paid federal employees. [Census]
Government Shutdown Could Harm More Than 186,000 New Hampshire Seniors Who Rely On Social Security: The Social Security Administration’s ability to process and pay new benefit claims could be impacted. “In just four days during the 1995 shutdown, 112,000 claims for Social Security retirement and disability benefits were not taken and 800,000 callers were denied service on SSA’s 800 number.” [CRS, 4/23/13; AP,2/28/13; SSA History; Committee on Appropriations, 4/6/11; Center for American Progress, 4/11]
·         More than 186,000 Seniors In New Hampshire Rely On Social Security.  [SSA, 12/12]
Government Shutdown Could Delay Veterans’ Benefits: “Veterans appealing the denial of disability benefits to the Board of Veterans Appeals will have to wait longer for a decision because the board would not issue any decisions during a shutdown.” [AP, 9/28/13]
·         According To The Most Recent Estimates, 113,101 Veterans Live In New Hampshire. [VA, 9/30/12]
GOP’s Government Shutdown Could Harm New Hampshire Students: Shortly before the nation went past the deadline in 2011, the Center for American Progress concluded, “Colleges and universities would not be able to draw down and disburse to students any campus-based program awards, such as work-study or the Federal Perkins Loan Program.” According to the Department of Education, federal employees charged with administration of these funds would not be exempted from furlough, thus jeopardizing the awards. [Center for American Progress, 4/11; Department of Education, accessed 9/29/13]
·         In 2011, 7,013 New Hampshire students earned $ 8,583,204 through the Federal Work-Study program, an average of $ 1,224 per student. [ED Data Book 2013]
·         In 2011, 5,211 New Hampshire students received $ 9,508,373 through the Federal Perkins Loan program, an average of $ 1,825 per student. [ED Data Book 2013]