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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on an ethics complaint filed today regarding a fundraising email for Senator Jeanne Shaheen's campaign. The email was sent by liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's taxpayer-funded chief of staff (Boston Herald, 9/28/13).

"At a time when our government is on the verge of a shutdown, it is disgraceful that Senator Jeanne Shaheen would use a taxpayer-funded employee working for a Massachusetts liberal to raise money for her campaign. This is the latest example of a troubling pattern of ethically questionable fundraising activities conducted by Senator Shaheen that includes her decision to skip a key senate summit to attend a Wall Street fundraiser. She continues to remind voters that she is focused on raising campaign cash instead of serving the people of New Hampshire.

"Its sad that somebody like Jeanne Shaheen, who lacks the integrity and record of accomplishment that Granite Staters expect from their elected officials, represents our great state in the Senate. Its time to replace her in 2014 with a fiscally responsible Republican who will work to cut taxes, control runaway government spending and create jobs for middle class families."