AFPNH - 'Nothing Short of Disastrous'

ObamaCare Website Launch 'Nothing Short of Disastrous'

But don't take it our word for it.  That's a direct headline from CBS News. 

The ObamaCare website launch has become fodder for late night talk show hosts and news reporters across the country.  One reporter even spent a whole day trying to sign up.  Watch it HERE.


ObamaCare's failure to launch was unfortunately predictable.  The haste with which the law was passed
mirrors the hurried, incompetent job of assembling a website that is filled with glitches and bugs and is unable to complete simple tasks like signing people up for the health care they were promised.  You can see one of the error messages from the site here.

10-4 crash message

If the federal government can't set up a website to take information and give reliable answers, how can citizens have the confidence to trust them with their health care?  The truth is - we can't.  This is one more reason why we should delay ObamaCare and fix our nation's health care system the right way.

This all clearly demonstrates why the federal government should not be in charge of our health care decisions. 

If you would like an exemption from this "nothing short of a disaster" health care law, please visit our Exempt Me too website HERE.

If you would like to find out what further fiscal and health care disasters ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion may bring to our state, please CLICK HERE.

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Live Free or Die!

Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire

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