HotAir Daily Express 10/09/2013

Hot Air Daily Express

CBS wonders: Did anyone bother to test the ObamaCare software first?
10/9/2013 10:01:36 AM  Ed Morrissey
This CBS report is notable not just for the questions it asks, but the manner in which it recaps the disastrous rollout of the biggest big-government project in 50 years.  It’s not every day that one sees a major media outlet use a unicorn analogy

Obama to appoint Yellen as Fed chair
10/9/2013 9:21:54 AM  Ed Morrissey
It took long enough for Barack Obama to make this decision on Ben Bernanke’s replacement at the Federal Reserve.  The President turned the choice into a months-long marathon, so much so that his purported favorite choice, Larry Summers, ended up

AP poll: Obama at 37% approval
10/9/2013 8:41:10 AM  Ed Morrissey
Readers have to get halfway into the Associated Press report on its new AP-GFK poll to find this out, but Barack Obama’s job approval numbers have cratered in the shutdown.  His overall job approval is now 37/53, and a majority want Obama to start

WH warned for months of ObamaCare exchange debacle
10/9/2013 8:01:58 AM  Ed Morrissey
Most Americans are angered, frustrated, and surprised by the news that the ObamaCare exchanges which the law will force the self-insured to use don’t work — after three and a half years of preparation.  One group, however, cannot claim

Quotes of the day
10/8/2013 10:41:26 PM  Allahpundit
White House press secretary Jay Carney said Monday he was “proud” of President Obama for saying over the weekend he would “think about changing” the name of the Washington Redskins. Carney noted he was a longtime Redskins fan and

Obama again announces he’s not too keen on workers striking
10/8/2013 10:01:12 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
He said this five days ago and I wondered how he didn’t stop himself in the middle of the thought and take a rhetorical runaway truck ramp out of the situation, so very contrary was this criticism to the Left’s raison d’être. And, yet,

Venezuelan president: I’m going to need some special decree powers so I can wage “economic war” against the forces of evil
10/8/2013 9:21:30 PM  Erika Johnsen
Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro’s ‘presidency’ has not been going all that well so far, and the guy is becoming increasingly reliant on the scapegoatist and jingoistic ravings about imperialist aggressors and opposition conspiracies to

Boehner to Obama: There will be no unconditional Republican surrender
10/8/2013 8:41:52 PM  Allahpundit
Indeed not. The surrender, when it comes, will definitely be conditional. At least enough so that Boehner can claim some sort of fig-leaf “victory.” His point here is simple: Contra O’s demands earlier this afternoon, the House

ObamaCare info can be used for “law enforcement and audit activities,” says Maryland exchange
10/8/2013 8:01:23 PM  Erika Johnsen
The other day, Byron York posed a rather uncomfortably poignant question on the Twitters: “Does the punishing way the Obama administration has run aspects of the shutdown reveal anything about how it will run national health care?” The very

Video: The freaky deaky “Carrie” telekinesis prank
10/8/2013 7:21:17 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate, in case you haven’t seen it already at Ace’s blog or every other site on the Internet. (It’s approaching four million views in just a day of action on YouTube as I write this.) As an advertising stunt, it makes

Disgrace: Shutdown preventing payment of “death gratuity” to families of fallen troops
10/8/2013 6:41:39 PM  Allahpundit
A travesty, needless to say, although it appears to be more the result of a drafting error than any sort of oversight or deliberate snub. Remember, the one exception to the Democrats’ rule about not agreeing to small GOP funding bills targeted at

Reminder from Detroit, the NYT: Bankruptcy isn’t cheap.
10/8/2013 6:01:41 PM  Erika Johnsen
Somehow having managed to completely brush aside all of the many, many incentives for avoiding bankruptcy in the first place, some of Detroit’s officials and pensioners are once again up in arms over one of the myriad consequences of decades upon

Rouhani: Hey, that was pretty slick how I fooled the West in 2003, huh?
10/8/2013 5:21:49 PM  Ed Morrissey
With the White House pursuing rapprochement with Iran through personal diplomacy, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has pressed Barack Obama not to let Hassan Rouhani fool America … again, as it turns out.   The Times of Israel plays this interview

Jindal: I don’t know about 2016 yet, but we should probably go with a governor
10/8/2013 4:41:54 PM  Erika Johnsen
While disenchantment with our federal government runs at an especial high as the nation watches (or declines to watch, as the case may be) the government-shutdown political shenanigans and the embarrassingly inept rollout of ObamaCare, the Republican

Unbelievable: Obama gets no questions at presser on ObamaCare rollout or shutdown theater
10/8/2013 4:01:57 PM  Allahpundit
I’m tempted to call it a clown show but that would be insulting to clowns: You know who asked some tough questions about Obamacare? Comedy Central. — Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) October 8, 2013 It ran for one hour and six minutes, with 12

Virginia: Three new post-shutdown polls show McAuliffe in the lead
10/8/2013 3:21:35 PM  Erika Johnsen
The first round of Virginia gubernatorial polls conducted since the start of the government shutdown (remember: NoVa. Bureaucrats and contractors. SO many bureaucrats and contractors.) are out; I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to say that

The Ed Morrissey Show: Andrew Malcolm, Joel Pollak
10/8/2013 2:51:18 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), my friend Andrew Malcolm joins us as always on today’s TEMS at 4 pm ET! The Prince of Twitter and I will discuss the shutdown follies and all of the hot political stories of the day. The last twenty minutes

Report: Armed rangers forced senior-citizen tourists to stay inside their hotel during Yellowstone visit because of shutdown
10/8/2013 2:41:39 PM  Allahpundit
Via Breitbart and Ace, who’s demanding that the National Park Service pay some sort of price for serving as “the shock troops of the punitive bureaucracy” through all of this. I’ve written similar things over the past week, and

Issa: Lerner, others at IRS used personal e-mail to transmit confidential taxpayer data
10/8/2013 2:01:28 PM  Ed Morrissey
Maybe now we know why Lois Lerner took the Fifth this summer.  Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight Committee, demanded answers from now-IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel as to why IRS agents, including Lerner, transmitted confidential taxpayer

Open thread: Obama phones Boehner to tell him he doesn’t want to talk right now
10/8/2013 1:21:04 PM  Allahpundit
After a week of reports about 90-year-old vets being barricaded out of war memorials and federal park rangers trying to cone off the roads in front of Mt. Rushmore, The One’s decided it’s time for a messaging reboot. He’s holding a snap

Video: Are young Christians getting alienated from the GOP?
10/8/2013 12:41:33 PM  Ed Morrissey
Matt Lewis and I have a colloquy on that subject at The Week, but before we get to that, Matt made his regular appearance on Morning Joe to discuss his column.  Are the hardball tactics pushed as an answer to the tactics of the Left pushing idealistic

Week 2: Media still can’t navigate ObamaCare exchanges
10/8/2013 12:01:02 PM  Ed Morrissey
A week ago, MSNBC tried to get on line to demonstrate the effectiveness of ObamaCare exchanges, and ended up wasting 45 minutes or so going nowhere.  As week 2 begins, after a humiliating weekend of having to pull down the federal system for fixes, the

Big new ObamaCare glitch: Insurance companies receiving incomplete data on applicants from federal website
10/8/2013 11:21:46 AM  Allahpundit
Result: Even people who think they’ve signed up for insurance might not actually be signed up. Imagine their confusion when January rolls around and their insurance card still hasn’t come in the mail yet. Jonah Goldberg made a good point on

Video: Veterans arrested at Vietnam War memorial in NYC
10/8/2013 10:41:30 AM  Ed Morrissey
Thankfully, the Atlantic covered this story, because no one else seems interested despite it taking place in America’s most populous city.  In part, that’s because the same thing happened last year, and for the same reason — a curfew