NHDP - Ayotte, Tea Party Candidates Own Federal Government Shutdown in NH But Still Complain About Its Impacts

Concord – With Kelly Ayotte in the lead, New Hampshire Republicans are standing with John Boehner, and in end way of ending the government shutdown.  Last week, a majority of Congress was ready to pass a clean continuing resolution that would end the shutdown and reopen the entire federal government.  The last barrier to reopening the government was Republican Speaker John Boehner and Republicans refusing to hold and up or down vote.   Sadly in New Hampshire, Republicans are refusing to stand up to members of their own party and take action to end the shutdown. [Union Leader, 10/4/2013]  

“It is time for New Hampshire Republicans to stop the photo ops, stop the complaining about the impact of the government shutdown and to take some real action.  If Kelly Ayotte is as serious about ending the shutdown as she claims, why won’t she join members of both parties and call for a clean vote?” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein. “Republicans refusal to agree to such a simple end to the shutdown is proof that their Tea Party ideology comes before what is best for New Hampshire.”

The Small Business Administration stopped processing applications, prompting worries about the flow of capital to local small businesses. [WMUR, 10/2/2013] Campgrounds on federal land in the White Mountain National Forest are being forced to close ahead of the Columbus Day holiday weekend, hurting the economy.  [Concord Monitor, 10/4/2013] New Hampshire’s federal prosecutor has been forced to furlough nearly half of his staff. [Boston Globe, 10/2/13] And if the government shutdown persists, social services for New Hampshire seniors and poor could be put at risk.  [Concord Monitor, 10/4/2013]

“A commonsense bipartisan solution to end the shutdown exists and it could be a reality tomorrow if New Hampshire Republicans would add their voice to the bipartisan group of lawmakers calling for a clean vote that would reopen the entire federal government.  It is a disgrace that they won’t.” continued Kirstein.