Andy Martin - New Hampshire media bias claim concerning "erased" candidate goes to court Tues.

Accusing the Manchester Union Leader of engaging in “Soviet-style ‘journalism’” by “erasing” his campaign for U. S. Senator, New Hampshire Republican Party leader and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will go to court on Tuesday, October 15th and file suit against various recalcitrant media that are publishing false information about the 2014 campaign. “The communists used to publish photographs and new reports ‘erasing’ people from pictures and stories when they did not want to confirm the existence of the erased people,” Andy says. “Today some New Hampshire media are following in the Soviet-style tradition by erasing my campaign. Love me or hate me, I am in the U. S. Senate race. New Hampshire cannot be a world class state when it is undermined by bush league journalism. If New Hampshire Republicans had a winning streak, maybe people could question my candidacy. But the current approach of New Hampshire Republicans has led to decades of losing elections and decades of party erosion. I have the experience to present a new approach, and to offer a hard-hitting challenge to Jeanne Shaheen. Local media that want to act as ‘Shills for Shaheen’ will be taken to court,” Andy says. “Why does my candidacy strike fear in the heart of John DiStaso and other biased media that are trying to ‘erase’ my campaign?”

New Hampshire Republican leader and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will file suit against New Hampshire’s “Soviet-style media”

Andy says liberal reporters will not be allowed to “erase” his candidacy for the U. S. Senate

(Manchester, NH) (October 10, 2013) Andy’s latest letter to the Portsmouth Herald follows:

Andy Martin

Republican for U.S. Senator


October 10, 2013


John Tabor,

President & Publisher

Seacoast Media Group

111 New Hampshire Avenue

Portsmouth, NH 03801

via fax: (603) 433-5760


DEFAMATION NOTICE: Request for retraction and correction

Dear Mr. Tabor:

On September 25th (and presumably your print edition) published a story containing the false claim referring to my current primary opponent as “the first GOP candidate to announce his run for the U. S. Senate…”

That was a factually incorrect statement. I announced in May, I am a fully legally qualified candidate, and I have been campaigning actively. I hope to begin broadcast advertising later this month.

New Hampshire law contains provisions for “defamation by implication,” which covers incorrect factual claims tending to disparage the true facts. I think your false claim falls squarely within New Hampshire “defamation by implication” case law.

Tuesday, October 15th I will be filing suit against media that have made similar false claims. I am not sure if these errors are due to personal hostility against me, or incompetent media performance. The Union Leader will also be named; in the case of John DiStaso he is merely a mouthpiece for Jeanne Shaheen and he has deliberately and intentionally sought to undermine my candidacy. DiStaso can express his own malignant opinions; but he cannot publish false facts and seek to erase my candidacy from the election. The UL is being untrue to the Loeb tradition.

I can’t tell you how deleterious it is to the credibility of the print media, and media in general, when you try, Soviet-style (they used to erase people from pictures) to erase the existence of a candidate from the election. Whether you approve or disapprove of my candidacy, you can’t simply deny I exist and then deliberately or negligently publish false facts. You do a disservice to your readers when you seek to mislead them.

I have done the legal research. If you want to pay your attorneys to duplicate my research, please have at it.

I have a very distinguished record of public service, and I offer New Hampshire Republicans – who have been losing to Democrats for decades – a new and realistic option to recapture a U. S. Senate seat.

I obviously can’t predict what the court will do, but I have done my due diligence and feel we have a strong case for some relief.

I would respectfully request that you publish a prominent and visible retraction and correction and, if you wish, apology, for reporting false information to your readers. Failing same you will be named a defendant on October 15h.

Please feel free to call or otherwise contact me if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,