Gary Lambert For Congress - Another $476 for Congresswoman Ann Kuster

Why are elected Officials like Congresswoman Ann Kuster continuing to help themselves during this shutdown that is so harmful to the middle-class?

(Nashua, NH)- As the dysfunction continues in Washington, at least one person is not feeling the pain: Congresswoman Ann Kuster.  At least 247 Members of Congress have pledged to forgo or donate their pay as long as the shutdown continues.  However, Congresswoman Ann Kuster has refused to do either.  She is still set to receive $476 a day while failing to do her job.

Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District issues the following comment: “It is no wonder why so many middle-class Granite Staters are so frustrated with Washington.  Congresswoman Kuster has still yet to offer any sort of compromise to end this shutdown but has no problem continuing to take a pay check."

If I am serving in Congress during a government shutdown I will not take pay. We need real leadership in Washington.