NH Senate candidate stands by efforts to aid son of Hollywood star Michael Douglas

New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s efforts to help the son of Hollywood star Michael Douglas draw national attention

Andy says that he will “stay the course” in assisting Cameron Douglas

Andy has a long record of successful human rights activism

(Manchester, NH) (October 11, 2013) New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s efforts to help Cameron Douglas, the imprisoned son of Hollywood star Michael Douglas, are drawing national attention (please see link below).

Andy’s efforts were reported in the New York Post’s Page Six, the most widely read celebrity column in the world.

Andy’s past efforts to come to the assistance of victims of human rights abuses have drawn worldwide attention, and scowls from federal prosecutors. After the death of Princess Diana, Andy’s human rights petition to the French president helped free imprisoned journalists.

“In the 1980’s I tangled with federal prosecutors, who attacked me for defending the right of an accused drug dealer not to be held incommunicado,” Andy says. “I won. Carlos Lehder was released from incommunicado custody. It is the role of a public interest lawyer to defend unpopular causes and unpopular clients. I was very amused when I received a ‘thank you’ note from Mr. Lehder. I obviously did not share his views but I defended his right to due process of law.

“In the 1990’s I came to the assistance of imprisoned French journalists who were being held in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s tragic death. My Human Rights Petition on behalf of media freedom helped convince the French government to release the journalists.

“The Republican Party was founded to end one of the greatest human rights abuses of all time, slavery. I am proud to continue in the finest traditions of the Republican Party’s human rights activism.

“More recently I have come to the defense of a former leader of The Ukraine. She is no Sunday school teacher, but she has been abused by her government. I am delighted to see she will soon be released.

“My Senator, Paul H. Douglas, was a friend of Clarence Darrow. I was schooled in Darrow’s tradition. Coming to the defense of unpopular clients and unpopular causes does not scare me.

“The federal government is inflicting unnecessary pain not only on Cameron Douglas but also on his parents. Given that Michael has had a serious illness, for the Bureau of Prisons to inflict distress on him by denying him access to his son is extremely unfortunate.

“Others may be reluctant to step forward. I am not. I can assure the people of New Hampshire that if they entrust me with the responsibility of being their U. S. Senator they will send a fearless advocate to Washington. I have lived my own life in the ‘Live free or die’ tradition. As a Christian, seeking to fight injustice is a theological imperative.

“Despite what others may do, I will continue my efforts to see that Cameron’s parents can have regular access to their son, and that while Cameron is punished, such punishment is not ‘cruel, unusual’ or disproportionate. If necessary, I am prepared to go to court to obtain access to Cameron Douglas. But I do not think the Bureau of Prisons will persist with its present policy of inflicting gratuitous punishment on Cameron. I am confident that reason will prevail.”