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Should we give Washington a blank check?

At this moment, President Obama is working with leadership in both parties to put together a plan to raise the debt ceiling without cutting a single dollar in spending. Earlier this year we fought hard to maintain the spending cuts Congress already agreed to through the Budget Control Act, but now they're trying to erase even those modest cuts.

Runaway entitlement programs continue to put pressure on our budget and AFP has consistently called for dollar-for-dollar spending reforms in any package to raise the debt ceiling.

Go here to make your voice heard! The deal is coming together now!

Blank-check debt limit increases are the reason we're getting dangerously close to $17 trillion in debt. There are a lot of good ideas out there about how to reform these programs. Go here to read AFP's latest report with our suggestions to cut back over $1 trillion. These are commonsense ideas that both parties should embrace. Some of them are even from the President's own budget.

Last minute negotiations behind closed doors are the worst way to run a government. Make sure Congress knows that you want to see dollar-for-dollar spending reforms included in the bill that raises the debt ceiling. No more blank checks!

Go here to make your voice heard! And hurry - the deal is coming together now! 

Thank you for all you do for economic freedom,

Tim Phillips
President of Americans for Prosperity