NHDP - Fact Check: Washington Republicans Should Be Focused On Their Own Dysfunction, Not Laughable Attacks

“It is beyond laughable that while forcing a federal government shutdown Washington Republicans are attacking a Governor who passed a bipartisan budget with a nearly unanimous vote and consistently receives broad bipartisan support in public polls for the work she is doing for New Hampshire. From Hanover to Hampton and Pelham to Pittsburg, Granite Starters have shown strong support for Governor Hassan's fiscally responsible leadership and common sense approach to creating jobs and strengthening the economy. 

“Coming from a party that is currently holding the economy hostage, in a desperate right-wing crusade against affordable health care, it is impossible to take the GOP’s petty partisan attacks seriously.  Washington Republicans should spend less time fabricating dishonest web videos for the rightwing echo chamber to retweet and more time urging their Tea Party pals in Congress to end this forced government shutdown and let hardworking Granite Staters get back to work.” – Harrell Kirstein, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director

RGA Claim: “Politicians in Washington don’t seem to grasp the basic idea that you can’t spend more money than you have…. That is how Maggie Hassan governs too."
Fact: Governor Hassan used revenue estimates praised by both parties to craft a balanced budget that received unanimous support in the Senate for the first time in decades, and broad bipartisan support in the House with no tax or fee hikes. Editorials praised her approach as a positive contrast to “paralysis in Washington D.C.”

  • Republicans Had Few Complaints with the Governor's Revenue Estimates.   The Concord Monitor reported that "Republicans aired few complaints yesterday about Hassan's baseline estimates from traditional state levies like the business profits tax, the business enterprise tax, the meals-and-rooms tax and the interest-and-dividends tax."  [Concord Monitor, 2/14/2013]
  • Jeb Bradley: Hassan should be praisedfor "very conservative revenue estimates." From the Concord Monitor, "Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, a Wolfeboro Republican, said Hassan should be praised for "'very conservative revenue estimates. That's very good.'" [Concord Monitor, 2/14/2013]
  • Chuck Morse: Governor "Right" With "Systematic And Consistent" Revenue Estimates Method. In a press release, Republican State Senator Chuck Morse applauded the Governor saying, "The governor is right in noting the need for a 'systematic and consistent method of forecasting state revenues.'" [Press Release, 1/23/2013]
  • Concord Monitor Headline: Compromise N.H. budget wins almost unanimous support in Legislature [Concord Monitor, 6/26/2013]
  • Governor Hassan to Sign Bipartisan Budget with no tax or fee hikes. The Concord Monitor reported, “A nearly unanimous Legislature yesterday approved a bipartisan, $10.7 billion state budget for the next two years that contains no tax or fee hikes, delays a decision on whether to expand the Medicaid program and increases funding for mental health services, community colleges and public universities.  Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, said she’ll sign the budget passed by the Democratic-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate.” [Concord Monitor, 6/26/2013]
  • Portsmouth Herald Praised Governor Hassan for Working With House and Senate, Both Parties to Reach Compromise in Contrast to ‘Paralyzed’ D.C. The Herald editorialized, “With all this checking and balancing it is often difficult to get much done, as evidenced by the ongoing paralysis in Washington, D.C. We therefore think the House, Senate and Gov. Maggie Hassan deserve praise for working together to reach a budget compromise that appears likely to pass this Wednesday.” [Portsmouth Herald, 6/25/2013]
  • Republicans Are Responsible For Government Shutdown: Editorials in some of New Hampshire’s largest papers have called this “Boehner’s shutdown” and squarely blamed it on “the insistence by a small number of House Republicans that any continuing resolution – which would allow the government to continue to borrow money – be tied to legislation that would defund or delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act.” [Concord Monitor, 10/1/2013; Nashua Telegraph, 10/2/2013]

RGA Claim: “Hassan pushed a budget with massive spending increases.”
Fact: The Governor's budget proposal included pragmatic investments in priorities, kept spending below FY 2008 levels.

  • James Pindell, WMUR Political Scoop: “[T]he spending side is pragmatic.” “…the spending side is pragmatic…The $2.7 billion budget is only a 7 percent increase on the austere Republican budget passed two years ago that Hassan heavily criticized on the campaign trail as being too austere. She only restored funding to a few programs, partially restored funding for others and continued not to fund a number of programs.” [WMUR, 2/14/2013
  • Republican State Senator: Governor’s “Suggestions Were Very Innovative”  “‘I thought her suggestions were very innovative, and I’m looking forward to working with her,’ said Sen. Nancy Stiles, a Hampton Republican and chairwoman of the Senate Health, Education and Human Services Committee.” [Concord Monitor,2/14/2013]
  • Republican Majority Leader: Governor’s Budget Includes “Things That I think All Of Us Can Support.” “‘There’s some things that I think all of us can support: more funding for the (developmental disabilities) wait list, mental health programs, CHINS, the community health center. These are some priorities that Republicans have had for a long time,’ said Sen. Jeb Bradley, a Wolfeboro Republican.” [Concord Monitor,2/14/2013]
  • Republican State Representative “Was Pleased With The Boost For Community Colleges.” “Rep. David Kidder, a New London Republican, was pleased with the boost for community colleges. ‘From my perspective, as a state, we get a huge bang for the buck from community colleges,’ he said. ‘That is where we need to be spending the money. Those kids who come out of there get jobs and stay in New Hampshire.’” [Concord Monitor, 2/14/2013]
  • Republican State Senator: “Pleased The Governor Has Money In Her Capital Budget For Career And Technical Training Centers To Help Educate People For The Workforce.” “[Republican Senator Rausch] said he is pleased the governor has money in her capital budget for career and technical training centers to help educate people for the workforce.  ‘‘That is a great vehicle,’ Rausch said. Hassan also promised to modernize state government, streamlining agencies and cutting red tape. An advisory commission would help guide those efforts.” [Eagle Tribune,2/15/2013]

RGA Claim: Under Hassan's [gambling] plan … could and income tax be far behind?
Fact: Washington Republicans are so desperate to attack New Hampshire’s Governor, they are pathetically trying to link a plan to legalize gambling supported by the Republican Senate President with an income tax.

  • Republican Senate President Chuck Morse Sponsored Gambling Bill in the Senate.  [SB152, 2013]
  • GOP Sen. Morse Sponsored Gov. Hassan Plan to Legalize Casinos.  The Associate Press reported, “A bill backed by Gov. Maggie Hassan tolegalize a casino in New Hampshire took its first step forward Tuesday with a powerful Senate committee’s endorsement… The full Senate is scheduled to vote on the bill March 14. Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Morse, a bill sponsor, predicted it would pass easily.” [Associated Press, 3/5/2013]

RGA Claim: “Hassan and Washington, no solutions just phony politics”
Fact: The bipartisan budget signed into law by the Governor included most of her proposed restorations to critical priorities that had been cut by the reckless and irresponsible Tea Party budget last biennium, including enough funding to follow through on the Governor's proposal to freeze in-state tuition at both the university and community college systems.

  • “Budget Very Similar to One [Governor] Proposed in February.” The Union Leader reported, “And then there is Gov. Maggie Hassan, who will see a budget very similar to the one she proposed in February return to her desk to sign. [Union Leader,6/22/2013]
  • Community College Froze Tuition for 2013-2014 School Year, Following Commitment to Governor Hassan.  The Concord Monitor reported, “The college system committed to Gov. Maggie Hassan it would freeze tuition for the 2013-2014 school year if the budget was restored to the $37.5 million appropriation of 2011. The state budget passed by the Legislature on Wednesday reflected that restoration. With the additional funds, Gittell said the college system is able to not only freeze tuition but also advance its programming.”  [Concord Monitor, 6/27/2013]
  • Governor Hassan “Instrumental” In University System to Tuition Freeze For The Next Two Years. “The University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees voted unanimously yesterday to freeze tuition for the next two years. It is the first tuition freeze the state system has had in 25 years….Gov. Maggie Hassan was instrumental in the move. State community colleges announced a tuition freeze a day earlier.  In fact, Hassan made the motion for the freeze at a trustees’ meeting in Keene yesterday.” [Eagle Tribune, 6/29/2013]