Andy Martin - The Associated Press, Manchester Union Leader sued for fraudulent reporting

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin sues The Associated Press, Manchester Union Leader for publishing false news reports

Andy says the AP and UL are practicing “Soviet-style journalism that demeans the State of new Hampshire

BULLETIN: Attack ads against Barack Obama and Jeanne Shaheen begin in New Hampshire October 16th

(Manchester, NH) (October 16, 2013) Shortly before closing time at 4:00 P.M. on October 15th New Hampshire Republican U.S. Senate candidate Andy Martin filed a defamation lawsuit against The Associated Press and Manchester Union Leader in Hillsborough County (NH) Superior Court. Also named as defendants are the Nashua Telegraph and Portsmouth Herald.

A copy of the lawsuit is attached to emailed copies of this news release, and copies are also available on request. A docket number will be assigned to the case when the summonses are processed on October 16th.

“For decades, New Hampshire Republicans have suffered from liberal bias in local New Hampshire media,” Andy says. “Well, I'm not going to take it any more. I can fight back, and I am fighting back. People can read my lawsuit attached to this email) and decide for themselves whether my legal claims make sense.

“Liberal bias in New Hampshire’s media is one reason why Democrats have won eight of the last 9 gubernatorial elections. Biased media have a corrosive effect on the Republican Party’s efforts to get our message out.

“I am not going to stand by helplessly and watch The Associated Press and other liberal media lie about the Senate campaign.

"Ironically, my lawsuit was filed the day before I start blanketing the state with radio ads attacking Jeanne Shaheen and Barack Obama (see separate release later October 16th). Maybe the media can pretend they don’t hear my ads. The media are making fools of themselves.

“The AP and UL are entitled to their opinions,” Andy says. “But they are not entitled to publish false facts. As late as Tuesday afternoon when the AP was being sued, the news service was disseminating more fraudulent information (see link below). Reasonable people have to ask, ‘why?’

“During the Soviet era the communists routinely ‘erased’ people from photographs and news stories when they did not want to confirm the existence of the erased people. Today Soviet-style journalism has been reborn in New Hampshire. The AP’s behavior is a disgrace. The UL’s behavior, well, what can I say? I would note that some New Hampshire conservatives have accused defendant John DiStaso of being a stooge for the Democrats and Jeanne Shaheen, so my claims of DiStaso’s liberal bias are not far-fetched at all (see link below).

“Love me or hate me, I am in the U. S. Senate race. New Hampshire cannot be a world class state when it is undermined by bush league journalism. If New Hampshire Republicans had a winning streak, maybe people could question my candidacy. But the current supine approach of New Hampshire Republicans towards liberal media bias has led to decades of losing elections and decades of party erosion.

“I have the experience to present a new approach, and to offer a hard-hitting challenge to Jeanne Shaheen. Local media that want to act as ‘Shills for Shaheen’ have now been taken to court,” Andy says. “Why does my candidacy strike fear in the heart of John DiStaso and other biased media that are trying to ‘erase’ my campaign? It is time for the local media’s ‘Shills for Shaheen’ to come out of the closet.”

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