Political Headlines - October 17, 2013

  • Deal ends shutdown, avoids default: Lawmakers on Wednesday narrowly avoided a default on the nation's debts and halted a 16-day government shutdown that showcased congressional dysfunction. Noah Bierman and Mattias Gugel detail from Washington.
  • Relief from debt deal will be short-lived: Tired of the excruciating debate in Washington over the nation's budget, the debt ceiling, and the deficit? Get used to it. National political reporter Matt Viser provides analysis.
  • Why the union-bashing?: Columnist Joan Vennochi says high-priced union contracts are easy to criticize, but tax breaks for businesses often don't get much negative response.  
  • Who connects the best?: Metro columnist Yvonne Abraham writes about the importance of minority support for a mayoral candidate in a city for too long defined by racial divides.