TCKB Statement on Congressional Budget Agreement

The Can Kicks Back

Real Budget Negotiations Must Begin Now

     Statement from Ryan Schoenike
Co-founder & Executive Director, The Can Kicks Back

"We are pleased that Congress has finally decided to do what it should have done many months ago: fund the government, ensure we can pay our bills and begin the process of negotiating a budget. It should not have taken more than two weeks of a government shutdown and hours left on the clock before hitting the debt ceiling for our elected leaders to fulfill the most basic functions of their jobs. 

"While members of Congress have kicked the can down the road yet again on addressing the long-term drivers of our national debt, they have also created yet another opportunity to get serious and get to work on this issue before the next round of deadlines.
"Along our ongoing, nationwide Generational Equity Tour, over 70% of millennials surveyed have said that Washington has done more harm than good with respect to fixing our national debt and that leaders need to “reset.” Now is the time. Young Americans will not tolerate continued brinksmanship, inaction or half-measures as our future hangs in the balance.  
"With today’s debt nearing record levels and with mandatory spending on entitlements and interest crowding out funding for the future, we expect our leaders to work together to put our nation on a more fiscally sustainable and generationally equitable course over the next 30 years –– not simply continue the same partisan squabbles over the next three months."


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