CEI Weekly: As Shutdown Ends, Congress Questions NPS Conduct




Featured Story: As Shutdown Ends, Congress Questions NPS


On Wednesday morning, CEI's Myron Ebell testified at a joint hearing held by the House Oversight Committee and the Committee on Natural Resources to examine the National Park Service's controversial implementation of the government shutdown. The NPS has come under fire for setting up barricades around open-air tourist attractions and going out of its way to shutter privately-managed parks. Read Ebell's written testimony here.


CEI Podcast


October 11, 2013: Supreme Court to Review EPA Carbon Emission Regulation Lawsuit  (Listen here)


General Counsel Sam Kazman explains why, in his view, the Clean Air Act does not give the EPA authority to regulate carbon emissions. CEI is aco-petitioner in a lawsuit over those regulations that the Supreme Court has announced it will review during its current term.

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