HotAir Daily Express 10/18/2013

Hot Air Daily Express

Cruz: I didn’t come to the Senate to get 99 new friends
10/18/2013 10:01:31 AM  Ed Morrissey
An old adage (misattributed to Harry Truman by Maureen Dowd) advises newcomers to Washington that if they want to make a friend, they should buy a dog.  Ted Cruz echoes that advice in a new interview with ABC News, in which he says that his ambitions in

New ObamaCare nightmare: Insurers getting bad data from exchanges
10/18/2013 9:21:39 AM  Ed Morrissey
The problems of enrolling in the exchanges have been bad enough, and the obstacles to actually buying an insurance plan well documented.  However, the consumer experience is far from the only problem plaguing the exchanges.  The connection to the

CBS: Grenade used in Mexican cartel shootout linked to ATF operation
10/18/2013 8:41:43 AM  Ed Morrissey
It’s not Operation Fast and Furious, but another ATF operation that ended up doing nothing about weapons smuggling across the border. The ATF knew about Jean-Baptiste Kingery and tracked him for a long period of time, collecting “significant

Video: Minnesota ObamaCare exchange going as well as you’d expect
10/18/2013 8:01:57 AM  Ed Morrissey
This was from two days ago, but nothing much has changed since then, either. Ryan Gustafson reports for KEYC in Mankato that the MNSure exchanges still don’t have a way for consumers to see what doctors and hospitals are connected to which plans,

Three Things No One Told You About the Shutdown…
A redrawn map of America is in place that could terminate up to 16 states. Your retirement account could be seized in the event of a default. And policymakers have already ensured that they???ll be making out like bandits??? whether the country collapses or not!??Details on all three right here

Quotes of the day
10/17/2013 10:41:45 PM  Allahpundit
Ted Cruz wishes some of his Senate Republican colleagues had put up more of a fight to defund or delay Obamacare over the past few weeks. “Instead, unfortunately, the Senate Republicans were divided and became basically an air force dive-bombing the

Maryland exchange, model of Obamacare implementation, won’t be fixed until December
10/17/2013 10:01:18 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Since the day the Affordable Care Act passed Congress, the state of Maryland has been among the most eager to implement it, and among the most likely to launch an exchange smoothly. It’s a thoroughly blue state populated by politicians who pride

Upton: “Secretary Sebelius had time for Jon Stewart, and we expect her to have time for Congress”
10/17/2013 9:31:01 PM  Erika Johnsen
As you might imagine, Republicans in Congress would very much like to know exactly what the deal is with all of the Obama administration officials who repeatedly promised that the health care law’s implementation was proceeding as planned and that

Senators looking to keep applying sanctions pressure to Iran
10/17/2013 8:41:41 PM  Erika Johnsen
Ahead of the diplomatic discussions scheduled for this week in Switzerland, the Obama administration dropped a not-so-subtle hint that they would much rather Congress back off on sticking Iran with any more economic sanctions for the time being. The

Pew poll: Majority of Republicans see tea party as a separate entity
10/17/2013 8:01:18 PM  Allahpundit
Interesting in light of all the third-party chatter from both sides lately, but even more interesting than the topline number is the trend over time. Contrary to what you might suspect, views of the tea party as separate from the GOP aren’t

Finally: “The Walking Dead” gets the trailer it deserves
10/17/2013 7:21:31 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate. Normally I’d save this for the traditional Monday night “Walking Dead” grumble thread but it’s too good to make you wait that long. For all my criticisms of the show, and there are many, we can all agree on

White House: The only accountability that matters to us is the kind that makes the ObamaCare system better, or something
10/17/2013 6:41:42 PM  Erika Johnsen
The other day, former Obama White House press secretary Robert Gibbs caused a stir when he more or less echoed some of the growing calls from Republicans for the administration to fix the website’s glitches already and then “fire some people

Humiliation: Design firm yanks credit from its website
10/17/2013 6:01:34 PM  Allahpundit
A fitting tribute to Obama and Sebelius, who helped wreck the site because hiding stuff was more important to them than getting it to work properly. Between this and the devastating USA Today piece calling for “total overhaul,”

Study: The rapid growth of food stamps hasn’t really helped to reduce hunger
10/17/2013 5:21:17 PM  Erika Johnsen
Now that the shutdown is finally over, one of the first items on Congress’s agenda is combining the Senate-passed farm bill with the House’s semi-separated agriculture and food stamps bills into some sort of mutually acceptable version. The

Former official: Admin refused to bring in outside help for ObamaCare website for fear GOP would subpoena them; Update: Ten-year-old technology? Update: No improvement in week two; Update: Wasn’t tested until days before launch?
10/17/2013 4:41:15 PM  Allahpundit
Via Lachlan Markay and Ace, who calls it “Nixonian.” This is the rare Hot Air item that might actually make liberals angrier at the White House than conservatives. If you’d staked your party’s credibility on realizing the utopian

Did Rubio gain anything by supporting the “defund” effort?
10/17/2013 4:01:23 PM  Allahpundit
Of course he did, you might say — he gained the satisfaction of standing up against a gigantic federal boondoggle that’s going to make life harder for a lot of unsuspecting Americans. Fair enough, but after the amnesty debacle, there’s

Will Republican governors be the biggest winners in the shutdown?
10/17/2013 3:21:32 PM  Ed Morrissey
One of the toughest tasks after the end of the 2013 budget standoff is trying to choose a winner.  There aren’t many options, thanks to the fumbling on all sides of the impasse.  It’s not House Republicans, obviously, but after the numerous

ObamaCare may be less than 20 percent towards its enrollment target for October
10/17/2013 2:41:16 PM  Allahpundit
Remember, based on’s best estimate from web traffic analysis, just 36,000 users were able to enroll successfully on during its first five days online despite 3.72 million attempts to register. That’s a success rate

The Ed Morrissey Show: Joe Scarborough, Kerry Picket
10/17/2013 2:31:20 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET),  Joe Scarborough joins us for the first time.  The former Congressman and current host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe will give us his thoughts on the shutdown and the evolution of politicking over the last twenty

Did McConnell score a kickback in the budget deal?
10/17/2013 2:01:38 PM  Ed Morrissey
Well, Kentucky scored some government cash, or at least might have with an addendum to the Reid-McConnell bill that has conservatives steamed.  Eric Pfeiffer at Yahoo News reported on it last night, shortly after the House took up the bill and eventually

State Dept: Oh man, this shutdown really impaired our Keystone pipeline review process, you know
10/17/2013 1:21:22 PM  Erika Johnsen
I’m wondering if the State Department official managed to get this out with straight face. Via Reuters: The U.S. government shutdown is making it harder for the State Department to review the Keystone XL pipeline permit process, a State Department

Rubio: We’ll win on ObamaCare in the long run, because it’s unsustainable
10/17/2013 12:41:39 PM  Ed Morrissey
True, but this also prompts the question of why the GOP decided to shut down the government in a futile attempt to dislodge Democrats in the Senate and Barack Obama from their dream legislation.  As Marco Rubio says, it’s going to collapse of its

Former community organizer: Ignore all those bloggers and activists, please
10/17/2013 12:01:39 PM  Ed Morrissey
Old and busted: Community organizing. New hotness: Listen to your elders! Barack Obama took the opportunity today to lay blame for Washington dysfunction squarely on where it most belongs … outside the

McCain: There’ll be no more government shutdowns — I guarantee it
10/17/2013 11:21:21 AM  Allahpundit
I wasn’t aware that Maverick, whose pronouncements now carry roughly the same weight with tea partiers as Obama’s, is in a position to be guaranteeing anything about how House Republicans might behave. In fact, here’s what one GOP

Weekly initial jobless claims at 358K
10/17/2013 10:41:44 AM  Ed Morrissey
The second week of the shutdown brought in fewer initial jobless claims, but the shutdown wasn’t the main problem last week, either. The Department of Labor reported 358,000 initial jobless claims last week, down 15,000 from the week before but