NHDP - Will the NHGOP Continue to Support Candidate’s Bigoted Campaign?

Concord - Republican Special election candidate and former House Majority Leader Pete Silva is employing bigoted attacks on his opponent to “rallying Republicans” to vote for him on November 5th.  This morning, the Nashua Telegraph reported that Silva attacked Nashua's Indian American community in front of a large group of Republicans saying, “I thought I was in New Delhi” and predicted that on Election Day, “they’ll be coming out of the woodwork.”   Instead of apologizing, Silva doubled down on his offensive and shameful comments.  New  Hampshire Republicans have refused to comment.
“Does Kelly Ayotte’s Republican Party really condone this kind of language, will they still be supporting Silva’s candidacy with volunteers and funding?  What about Republican House leader Gene Chandler and Republican Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, will they allow their party to be tainted by his racist attack?” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein. "Silva's comments were offensive and will continue reflect poorly on every Republican in New Hampshire as long as they allow him to be a leader within the NHGOP and their standard bearer this November."
In 2010, the Republican State Committee disowned and refused to support a Republican State Representative candidate for making racists comments in the Concord Monitor.  The individual was banned “from attending Republican Party trainings, using party voter lists or getting any other assistance from the state party.” [Concord Monitor, 7/7/2010]
In the State House, Silva served as the Republican Majority leader for a caucus plagued by inappropriate and shameful gaffs.  Most recently, Speaker Bill O’Brien who appointed Silva to that position and has been aiding his campaign was called out by the President of the United States for comparing the Fugitive Slave Act to health reform.  [VIDEO
“Silva’s comment was profoundly bigoted, and he has no place serving in public office.  Clearly there is no disgusting low Silva won’t sink to in his desperate scheme to return his reckless and irresponsible ideology to Concord.” continued Kirstein.  “This is the same sort of nasty and insensitive commentary that Republicans engaged in last fall en route to a massive electoral defeat. They shouldn't be surprised that voters continue abandoning them while they continue to allow this kind of Tea Party rhetoric within their ranks.”