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When the whole government shutdown and debt ceiling “crises” arose three weeks ago, I predicted that those “crises” would end with Congress and the President making a deal that does nothing but allow them to continue their big government, big spending ways. Well, that’s precisely what they did.  I will confess that my prediction was not especially profound, given the fact that we have all seen this movie far too many times before.  


Once again, the politicians -- Republican and Democrat alike -- got together and managed to put the nation through nearly three weeks of a pseudo-shutdown (during which the government still spent more than 80% of what it normally spends), disrupted the financial world with Chicken Little threats of catastrophe from a claimed default, and then managed to do NOTHING other than agree to continue to spend money the government doesn’t have.


Friends, this time, the movie HAS to end differently.  And it is up to us -- you and me -- to make that happen.  Under the deal the politicians cut, they have until the middle of December to come up with a spending plan to keep the government operating past January 15.  


That gives us two months to let the politicians know that the games have to end, they have to stop ignoring the reality that the government is bankrupt, and stop borrowing and printing cash to feed their spending addictions. I am headed to Washington, DC, next week, and plan to deliver that message at every opportunity.  


But the Our America Initiative needs to deliver the message in many other ways as well.  Social media, Internet videos, media appearances...We need to make ourselves heard and seen in ways the politicians cannot ignore. We need to make them understand that there are millions of Americans who will not accept another deal that fails to REALLY cut the size and cost of government.


Your contribution today at Our America will help us deliver that message loudly and clearly. We have fewer than 60 days, which means we must get to work today!  Your financial support is the fuel this effort must have.  


I look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you over the next few weeks to put liberty and economic freedom on the politicians’ agenda once and for all.  The American people are fed up, and we are the voice they need.


Thank you!


Gov. Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman





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