NH GOP - Jeanne Shaheen's Unhealthy Obsession

Dear Friends,


Washington is in crisis, our government has shutdown, and the Obama Administration is failing the American people. But instead of working to address the problems facing our country, Senator Jeanne Shaheen has developed a disturbing and unhealthy obsession.


Day after day, Senator Shaheen has devoted her full attention to writing flailing campaign fundraising letters attacking former Senator Scott Brown.  Our Senator has become so unhinged that she even enlisted a taxpayer-funded staffer for Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Warren to spread her attacks and violate ethics laws to raise cash for her campaign. 


Please help us defeat Jeanne Shaheen by donating $25, $50 or $100 today.


Senator Shaheen's desperate attacks are just another attempt to distract from her undistinguished and unaccomplished term in the Senate. On every vote she has blindly supported her liberal party leaders and repeatedly demonstrated that she is incapable of thinking for herself.


Shaheen followed orders and voted to impose ObamaCare on middle class families. She continues to enthusiastically support this disastrous law even though it will hurt small businesses, kill jobs and force Granite Staters to give up their doctors and travel long distances to receive care.


She blindly followed the president and voted for every tax hike and spending increase included in the Obama Administration's liberal agenda.


Incredibly, Jeanne Shaheen was the only member of the New Hampshire delegation to support President Obama's feckless and incoherent Syria policy. Even radicals like Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter were smart enough to oppose Obama's Syria agenda. 


New Hampshire is an independent state and it's sad that we have a follower like Jeanne Shaheen representing us in the United States Senate.


Please donate today to help us replace her with a responsible Republican leader in 2014 who will stand up for New Hampshire instead of taking orders from Washington politicians.



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Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee