NH Independent Business Council Expands Board of Advisors to Twenty-Four

From Start-Ups to Staple Industries – Business owners continue to recognize

IBC as the ‘go-to” group for small business leadership


OCTOBER 2, 2013, Manchester, NH – The Independent Business Council of

New Hampshire (IBC) completes an expansion of its Board of Advisors to



“Sixty-Four percent of new jobs are created by New Hampshire’s biggest

employer – its small businesses. It is those small business leaders who are

investing in our communities and our middle class. We must find ways to open

up markets and reduce red tape burdens to spur their continued investment in


New Hampshire,” said group Chairman Frank Guinta.

This is an expansion of the Board of Advisor initially announced in the spring of

2013. The complete list of our first year IBC Board of Advisors can be found on

the attached document. Below see some comments about our newest members:


  • ·         “We are looking to bring New Hampshire into the 21st Century; the IBC is the go-to group which

small business can rely on to keep itself competitive,” said Mike Hartwick, CEO of SURFSET

Fitness of Manchester. “The new jobs are going to be produced by small business start-ups. It

is about time we initiate government policies which prioritize the needs of small business owners

and provide safe harbor to those willing to invest in new jobs, from new companies only found in

this sector.”


  • ·        

the IBC really understand both sides of these streets, and know how to apply their knowledge and

networks to each to benefit me and my business,” said Charles Wagner, Chairman & CEO of

C3I, Inc. of Hampton.


  • ·         “Usually we only hear from politicians when running for office, since he left office Frank Guinta

has been advocating for sound small business policies. Frank’s group, The Independent Business

Council of NH (IBC), means a strong voice for small independent businesses in Concord. It is

time the small private sector comes together in defense of jobs and opportunity,” said Justin Van

Etten, President of Stewart’s Ambulance of Laconia, NH.


  • ·        

that small businesses across different sectors organize through the Council to advocate for

healthier economic policies which spur investment, and grant opportunity for job growth,”

said Tom Boucher, CEO-Owner of Great New Hampshire Restaurants of Bedford, NH




The Independent Business Council of New Hampshire (IBC) assists small businesses with strategic

analysis and organization, issue monitoring and leadership, case management and advocacy, and

communications. IBC is a member driven organization which operates a Board of Advisors made up of

small business owners from around the state. Spearheaded by Congressman Frank Guinta, the group

works to strengthen the economic vitality of New Hampshire through education and connection among

agency regulators, government representatives, and business leaders offering policy expertise and

advocacy for economic and business policies.