The Boston Globe's *Exclusive* Broken City Series - Now an E-Book

The Boston Globe's exclusive Broken City series is now available as a new e-book. The series, documenting Washington paralysis and dysfunction since March, will include:

  • 16 stories from the investigative series
  • Photos and graphics
  • A new essay from The Boston Globe Washington Bureau, explaining the reason for and importance of the series

 Media Review Copy of the E-Book Available for Download.  

**Link not for public distribution** 


The compelling content from the book was inspired by a year unlike any other in national politics and addresses the deeper issues including:

  • How a seemingly uncontroversial bill got killed in a partisan brawl
  • How redistricting has skewed the membership of Congress
  • How President Obama failed to live up to his promise of uniting the "red" and "blue" states
  • How think tanks have been turned into pawns of the politicians

With these issues in mind, the Globe launched an ambitious assignment to tell the story behind the "Broken City."


  • It is also available to non-subscribers for $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and will be available in the iTunes store next week. 


Washington Bureau journalists are available for interviews to discuss the new e-book, the series and the latest political news - please contact us below if interested.