AFPNH - A Done Deal

Last week, the stacked deck ObamaCare Medicaid expansion commission put out its report.  As we expected, they embraced a plan to bring ObamaCare here and to shift tens of thousands of New Hampshire residents from quality private health insurance into a substandard Medicaid program.

At the same time, they embraced a plan that will cost tens of millions of state taxpayer dollars annually, and if the federal government breaks another ObamaCare promise, could cost us hundreds of millions each year.

That's a recipe for an income tax here in New Hampshire.

Please tell your legislators today that Medicaid Expansion is wrong for New Hampshire!

Some newspaper accounts make it sounds like Medicaid expansion is a done deal.  It certainly isn't - the fight has just begun.

Sadly, even some people who claim to support economic freedom think that Medicaid expansion is OK, as long as the Medicaid policies are bought in the ObamaCare exchanges.  That's like putting a new coat of paint onto a building that's been condemned.

That's why it's critical that you contact your legislators - NOW - and tell them that ANY Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare is simply a slow-motion income tax for New Hampshire. 

If there's one thing we learned from Washington the past few weeks, it's that putting your faith in them is a huge mistake, but that's what Medicaid expansion does for our state.

Granite State taxpayers can't afford Medicaid expansion.  Please GO HERE to contact your legislators today and make sure they know that ObamaCare is Wrong for New Hampshire.

Live Free or Die,


Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire