NRSC - Send Reid a Message

In 10 days, we’ll hit an important fundraising deadline. How much we raise will have a big impact on whether or not our candidates are set up to succeed, so every dollar counts. I’m so committed to helping us reach our goal that I’ll match 3 times your donation.
As the last few weeks have made crystal clear, our country desperately needs new leadership in the Senate.  It's plain to see that Harry Reid just isn't up to the job.  Under his tenure, the Senate has become a dysfunctional disaster -- plagued by political games, partisan stalemate, and constant finger pointing. We can break the mold, but we’ll need your help to do it.
With 7 seats up in states Mitt Romney won, combined with the Democrats’ failure to recruit competitive candidates, the political map shows we can win in 2014.  Now we’re counting on you to help us make it happen.
Harry Reid and his left-wing special-interest groups are already raising millions to protect their majority. They're desperately doing everything they can to out raise us.  We simply can’t allow that happen.  
Will you please contribute $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford today and help us take back the Senate?
Again, donate before the deadline and I’ll personally make sure your donation is triple matched.
Senator Roy Blunt