ALG's Daily Grind - Merely delaying individual mandate will not fix Obamacare

Oct. 25, 2013

Merely delaying individual mandate will not fix Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office was expecting 7 million people to enroll in the insurance exchanges. If they do not, the insurance pool will not expand and the premiums for everyone else are going to go to the moon.

A time for debt vigilance

Slow down! Ten years ago, the national debt was an astounding 6.8 trillion dollars, fifteen years ago, it was 5.5 trillion and twenty years ago, it was 4.4 trillion.  After all the accounting tricks ended, the 2013 fiscal year ended with just over a 17 trillion dollar national debt.

Are faux conservatives more dangerous than liberals?

If an alien landed and observed the state of political discourse, it could easily believe that Ted Cruz and a dwindling band of kooks are the most dire threats to our public life. 

CNN anchor: Obama administration threatens reporters' jobs

Carol Costello says the Obama administration "do[es]n't like you to say anything bad about their boss, and they're not afraid to use whatever means they have at hand to stop you from doing that, including threatening your job."