CEI Weekly: Legal Challenge to Obamacare Moves Forward




Featured Story: Legal Challenge to Obamacare Moves Forward


CEI attorneys have been helping to coordinate a lawsuit challenging a major IRS regulation that is part of the Affordable Care Act. On Monday, a federal district court held a hearing to consider the government's motion to dismiss the case. On Tuesday, the judge announced his ruling: The suit will proceed on an expedited schedule. CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman said, "We've been hoping for a quick ruling since we filed the case, and now it looks like we will get it." Read more here.


CEI Podcast


October 24, 2013: The Social Cost of Carbon  (Listen here)


Like anything else, carbon emissions have both costs and benefits. Marlo Lewis, a Senior Fellow in CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment, discusses a new study finding that the carbon debate has some nuance to it, after all.

Shaping the Debate


Football Team's Name Is No Business of Congress or the President (Link)

Lawson Bader's column in Human Events


BART's Bogus Ride (Link)

Iain Murray and Marc Scribner's op-ed in The American Spectator


A Miscarriage of Science: BPA's Unproven Pregnancy Risk (Link)

Angela Logomasini's op-ed in Forbes


The Real Reasons We Have a Public Pensions Crisis (Link)

Caleb Brown's op-ed in The American


Judge Allows Suit Challenging Health Law Subsidies (Link)

Sam Kazman's citation in The Wall Street Journal


Bombshell: Federal Judge Suddenly Greenlights Lawsuit That Could Stop Obamacare in its Tracks (Link)

Sam Kazman's citation in The Daily Mail


Court Lets Case Against Obamacare Proceed (Link)

Sam Kazman's citation in The Hill


Dish's Airwaves Play Needs U.S. Buy-In to Pay $5 Billion (Link)

Fred Campbell's citation in Bloomberg


Best of the Blogs


Alcohol Crimes Decline in Washington After Liquor Sales Privatization (Read on OpenMarket)

By Michelle Minton


State Owned Banks Harm Economy and Don't reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Read on GlobalWarming)

By Marlo Lewis


Stop Watching Us: End Suspicionless NSA Mass Surveillance (Read on OpenMarket)

By Ryan Radia


Public Pensions Are Not Property (Read on WorkplaceChoice)

By Ivan Osorio




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