CEI Today: GMO labeling, failure in financial regs and climate change models, and the danger of alarmism

Monday, October 28, 2013
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Washington Post: Consumers have help in identifying non-bioengineered foods

In his Oct. 19 letter on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Tom Natan stated that “the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow foods to be labeled as GMO-free.” This is technically true but misleading.

A visit to most supermarkets would reveal thousands of voluntarily labeled non-bioengineered foods on store shelves. So consumers wishing to avoid genetically engineered foods and ingredients already have adequate information to make the choices they say they want.
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Openmarket.org: Contradictory Financial Regulations Cause Problems


It’s a case of “When Regulations Collide.” As we’ve seen in the energy field, contradictory regulations cost jobs as employers struggle to comply with legal requirements that tell them to do one thing on the one hand and the opposite on the other. Now we’re seeing another example in the field of financial regulation, as regulators face a dilemma between state rules and supranational rules.

Unfortunately for U.S. regulators, the Basel rules require that mortgages that qualify as a High Quality Liquid Asset have “full recourse,” which means that the bank will be able to pursue the borrower for the full value of the loan should they go into default. A problem thereby arises because there are 11 states, including California, where borrowers are protected by no or limited recourse. Therefore any banks that have substantial mortgage investments in these states will not be able to count these securities against their capital ratios, even if the securities are extremely high quality AAA-rated.
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Globalwarming.org: Canadian Climate Model’s “Epic Failure”

The “worse than we thought” crowd has got things backwards. The state of the climate is
better than they told us. In stark contrast, the state of climate modeling is worse than even many of us skeptics thought!

As the this chart shows, although all models fail to replicate reality, some do much worse than others.

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CEI President Lawson Bader

Alarmism is dangerous


October 24, 2013: The Social Cost of Carbon

CEI's Marlo Lewis discusses a new study finding that the carbon debate has some nuance to it, after all.
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