NHDP Statement on Ethics Committee Investigation Of Senator Bragdon, Senator Forrester

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein, released the following statement on the non-partisan Legislative Ethics Committee decision to investigate Republican state Senator Peter Bragdon hiring by the Local Government center and his appointment of Senator Forrester to a study committee with oversight powers concerning the LGC.

“The facts are clear; Senator Bragdon was in the midst of interviewing for a taxpayer funded, $180,000 a year job with the LGC, when he appointed Senator Jeanie Forrester to a regulatory study committee with jurisdiction over the LGC - an inherent conflict of interest and misuse of power.  When questioned about the timeline of Forrester’s appointment and Bragdon’s hiring – they lied about their conversations and tried to mislead New Hampshire citizens and taxpayers.  And after their dishonest statements were exposed by a right to know request, they refused to give a full accounting of their actions.  Hopefully, Bragdon and Forrester will be far more cooperative with the Ethics Committee investigation than they have been with the voters of New Hampshire.  These shady secretive backroom deals are not what New Hampshire voters expect from their representatives – Bragdon and Forrester owe their constituents an apology for the unmistakable appearance of impropriety.”