NHDP - Why is a NHGOP Congressional Candidate Publicly Supporting a Radical Bigot’s Campaign?

Gary Lambert is lending political support to Peter Silva, after he was outed for making racist attacks at a GOP event
Concord - Despite Peter Silva's refusal to apologize for his bigoted comments about his special election opponent, Gary Lambert was out knocking doors for him this weekend. [Facebook, 10/26/2013] The Nashua Telegraph called Silva's comments "derogatory" and said his "attempt to justify slur raises question." According to Republican sources, the New Hampshire Republican Party was even considering refusing to support his campaign because of what he said, but that didn't stop far right Congressional candidate Gary Lambert from lending political support to his Tea Party pal this weekend.   

The New Hampshire Democratic Party immediately called on Gary Lambert to condemn disgraced for Representative Peter Silva’s  nasty racist attack.  Gary Lambert and Peter Silva are close colleagues from the State House and often voted together on various bill last year.

"Peter Silva’s decision to use racist and bigoted attacks as a way of turning out his political base is offensive and disgusting. It is shameful that Gary Lambert has embraced Silva’s chilling comments, and advocated for him with voters.  What exactly did Gary Lambert tell Nashua voters about Peter Silva?  Did he praise his use of bigoted slurs? Or is Lambert willing to ignore racism when he is endorsing a Tea Party political ally?” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  "Given that Lambert has been publicly begging for disgraced former Speaker and well known Tea Party ideologue Bill O’Brien to endorse his rightwing campaign for Congress, and his close association with Peter Silva from Concord politics, he needs to immediately condemn this disgraceful behavior and repudiate his hateful political attacks before he becomes even more tainted with them."