CEI Today: Questions for Yellen, shutting down credit repair, and liberal bigwigs rant about climate change

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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Forbes: Why Obama's Healthcare.gov Will Never Work As Specified

It’s not every day we get a new chair of the Fed. It is a time to check the fundamental bearings of the nominee and get some clarity on which direction she – and our next Fed chair, Janet Yellen will be the first woman to hold the post – plans to take monetary policy.

Scholars at CEI have done just that. They have assembled a list of questions for the nominee, who will take over the Fed in a different situation than any of her predecessors.

The money supply is at an all-time high – it has increased nearly 60 percent just since President Obama took office. The “recovery” continues to slog along, with millions of Americans no longer even looking for work. The debt ceiling must be exceeded again in January, and our nation’s fiscal house never has been in worse shape. > Read more

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Openmarket.org: Don’t Let FTC Shut Down Legit Credit Repair Services


The FTC, while at times acknowledging the value of credit repair firms, holds them to an impossible standard of guaranteeing results that no other service business could meet. These actions prevent legitimate credit repair firms from forming or expanding to meet the vital needs of consumers and entrepreneurs seeking access to credit.

Forcing the credit bureaus to independently verify all such consumer info before publishing it would almost certainly result in a cutback of positive information that makes it easier for consumers to get credit.
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Gore, Browner, Van Jones, and Tom Steyer Speak on Climate Policy at Center for American Progress Conference

The intellectual quality of what was said ranged from embarrassing to disgraceful.  I listened to it, so you don’t have to.

John Kerry mentioned climate change and energy policy only briefly in his speech, even though he announced this spring soon after he became Secretary of State that climate change would be his main focus because it was the greatest national security threat faced by the United States.

Former Vice President Al Gore followed Kerry with an incredible rant.  Every big storm is further confirmation that the global warming crisis has already begun.  Gore seems not to have heard that extreme weather events in the United States have been at an historic low in 2013. > Read more

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