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The country is now in its fourth day of a government shutdown, or "slimdown," as Fox News has controversially taken to calling it. "Non-essential" personnel have been furloughed, causing many to wonder: Why does the federal govrnment have so many non-essential workers? National parks and monuments, which stayed open during the last shutdown, are no shuttered. Even the privately-funded Claude Moore Colonial Farm has been closed, over the protests of its Managing Director. For that story, read Hans Bader's OpenMarket post, "Obama Administration Uses 'Government Shutdown' as Pretext to Block Access to Tourist Attractions." Also, see former Warren Brookes Fellow Matthew Melchiorre's Forbes op-ed: "Selfishness on the Park of Obama and the Democrats Gives Us the Shutdown."


CEI Podcast


October 3, 2013: The Federal Shutdown (Listen here)


For the 17th time since 1976, the federal government has shut down over a partisan fiscal squabble. Vice President for Strategy Iain Murraygives his thoughts on how it happened, what the consequences will be, and what is at stake.

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