NHDP - Ayotte, NHGOP Candidates Should to Stand Up to Tea Party and Call for a Clean Vote Immediately

Do Guinta and Lambert Still Support Reckless Republican Shutdown Scheme?

Concord – News reports show that Democrats and Republicans in Congress are ready to end the government shutdown today but Tea Party Republicans like Kelly Ayotte and her allies are standing in the way.  The fact is that Republican House Speaker John Boehner is refusing to bring a vote on a spending bill to the floor to get the government running again despite knowing that it would pass with bipartisan support. Meanwhile, New Hampshire's Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte, as well Republican federal candidates Jim Rubens, Frank Guinta, and Gary Lambert, are refusing to demand that Speaker Boehner hold a clean up or down vote on a spending bill.

“It's a shame that Ayotte, Rubens, Guinta, and Lambert’s priorities are with the Tea Party instead of New Hampshire during this shutdown that is hurting small businesses and famililes here at home," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “There's no denying that Tea Party Republicans forced this shutdown on New Hampshire families and small businesses.  New Hampshire Republicans should finally bring this to an end and force their colleagues to hold a clean vote on a continuing resolution immediately."

The Washington Post reported, that enough Republicans and Democrats are on the record in favor of a clean vote that “would go to straight to President Obama who would sign it. Shutdown over. Easy.” [Washington Post, 10/3/2013]  Meanwhile, editorials in some of New Hampshire’s largest papers have called this “Boehner’s shutdown” and squarely blamed it on “the insistence by a small number of House Republicans that any continuing resolution – which wouldallow the government to continue to borrow money – be tied to legislation that would defund or delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”

“Granite Staters can’t afford this radical right wing crusade to re-fight the health care battles of the past in the name of the name of the Tea Party,” continued Kirstein.

Across New Hampshire, disappointment and frustration are growing as the GOP government shutdown continues. [Nashua Telegraph, 10/3/2013]  At the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard more than 1,500 working men and women have been furloughed as have an additional 330 civilian technicians with the New Hampshire National Guard.   [Concord Monitor, 10/2/2013] The Small Business Administration stopped processing applications, prompting worries about the flow of capital to local small businesses. [WMUR, 10/2/2013]

Previously both Guinta and Lamabert endorsed the Republican plan to shut down the government, and in the Senate Ayotte voted against sending a clean contineuing resolution to the House. “Right out of the Gate” Guinta said he supported the Republican plan that would shut down government unless Obamacare was defunded.  [Fosters Daily Democrat, 9/26/13] Lambert supported Republican plan that would only fund government if Obamacare was defunded. [Union Leader, 9/19/13