Lambert to Kuster: Its time to put the partisanship aside and end the shutdown

Gary Lambert for Congress

The uncertainty and lack of leadership coming from politicians like Congresswoman Anne Kuster is why Granite Staters are so frustrated; while Congresswoman Kuster plays games in Washington the middle class suffers

Nashua, NH: As the government shutdown enters its second week, Congresswoman Anne
Kuster has still yet to offer any compromise or strategy to end this government shutdown.
Gary Lambert, candidate for United States Congress in New Hampshire’s 2nd District released the following statement: “Enough is enough. As the politicians in Washington continue to argue, middle class Granite Staters, once again, get the short end of the stick. Anne Kuster refuses to support funding for some of the most important aspects of government like Women, Infant and Children programs (WIC). This is not leadership. Congresswoman Kuster: it’s time to compromise and end this shutdown.”