NH Sen. Sanborn Statement on Medicaid Expansion Commission Recommendations

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Concord, NH – Sen. Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford), a member of the Medicaid Expansion Study Commission, issued the following statement today after opposing a series of commission recommendations on how the state should move forward with Medicaid expansion:

“While the commission spent significant time and effort considering at all the ways it could expand this government entitlement program to increase spending in New Hampshire by nearly $700 Million, it neglected to seriously consider long-term taxpayer ramifications to our citizens, health outcome considerations, and a host of other exceptionally important related issues, which will need to be addressed if legislation does come forward.

“As we know, this program, a component of ObamaCare, will be funded by increasing taxes on hard working middle class families and cutting benefits to seniors in Medicare.  I believe our focus should be on expanding the economic base to insure everyone has a great job, not raising taxes on some, while cutting services to our seniors.

“Today’s recommendations do represent a significant departure from the Governor and the House’s original expansion plan, and that is good news for taxpayers and patients.  The use of private insurance as well as a trigger mechanism to protect the state’s budget in the event the federal government reneges on its funding promises are very important improvements.  However, in the final analysis there remains a large divide between these recommendations and actually solving the problem of New Hampshire’s uninsured in a meaningful way.”